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    Just send your latest IT, Phone System or Office Copier Invoice for us to analyse to see if we can save your business money and in return we'll send you two free movie passes.

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    Here's how it works.

    Scan your bills and send them to us

    Scan the latest Copier/IT/Phone System service invoice and a copy of your finance agreement and our technical team will take a look and see if there are any ways to drive down the cost.

    Our team of analysts do the hard work

    Your bills are analysed and scrutinised by our experts who are looking for ways to bring your Office Technology costs down. In most cases we can save at least 20% but for some clients we've found ways to drop print costs by a massive 60%.

    No obligation for you but lots of responsibility for us.

  • About Think Office Technology


    We're a technology company with thousands of customers across Queensland. Every day, we help businesses just like yours improve their productivity, reduce their costs and secure their networks.


    Our offices are located in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

    Let's take a look at what you currently spend on running your printing/copying/scanning and see if we can help you reduce costs and improve productivity.

    It's a Win - Win for you, 2 Free Movie Passes and Reduced Costs.

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